Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Wisdom of the Sombrero

I suppose it is probably because I am not of Mexican or Hispanic heritage that I may have picked up on this (or perhaps not). Regardless, I noticed a man working outside at my place of work who was wearing a sombrero hat. This hat had quite a large brim--so much so that I could see that no matter what he was doing in the course of his work it completely shielded him from the hot Arizona sun. How brilliant to invent such a design for a hat. How entirely useful and also at the same time uniquely ascetically pleasing to the eye.
I have begun this blog by meditating upon a hat because it appears this soul that this is a profoundly appropriate metaphor to capture the purpose of these ongoing blog posts. Life and thought and theological reflection are quite useless to one doing the thinking and pondering if they do not move toward practical insight for living righteously in the world. The Scriptures both contain and are God's word, given in different historical periods, to different persons chosen to receive them, so that God's truth, wisdom and salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ can be experienced for life in the real world. This is the conviction of this writer and all that I write and publish here on sarkakaiaima will be aimed at reflection upon truth that is always intensely practical and real to life as it is experienced and as it can be experienced. This author makes no claim to having mastered wisdom in life or in knowledge of God; rather I am on the path seeking to learn to hear the Master's voice and turn from my own folly daily in order to enjoy life lived in God and for God. "In the path of righteousness there is life, in walking its path there is no death." (Proverbs 12:28, NRSV) Yes indeed. Thanks be to God!

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